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Classic Clippers ministry is founded by Brenda Herring, and consists of a group of 20 people that cut out coupons. She sends manufacturing coupons overseas to 7 military bases each month. They can use them at their commissaries and Walmart, 6 months from the expiration date on the coupons. Every other month Classic Clippers meet at the Church to cut out coupons. This ministry has been ongoing for 4 years. Classic Clippers sorts the coupons into 17 different categories and puts them into bags and box them. They do about 28,000 coupons a month. Presently, they have the help of St. Johns Lutheran Church in Abbottstown, Pleasant Valley Fire Company, and the 7-11 Store at Lake Heritage that donate coupons; as well as many other people in the Adams County area. God has blessed Brenda to have people from all over Adams County give her coupons.

Coupons For Troops Logo Stacked.jpg

"It is a blessing to get emails from my military families thanking me for my work. The money they save with my coupons is a blessing to their family. It is such a blessing to do this for our military families!"

- Brenda Herring.

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